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Whether you jumped on him last year after Matt Forte got hurt or you’ve started to hear chatter about him as the 2016 season approaches, Jeremy Langford is a name to be familiar with. Last year he was mainly a backup for the bears but now that Forte is off to the Jets, the door has been opened for the sophomore Langford.

So since he was a backup, let’s look at his games last year that he started (weeks 9-11 when Forte was injured). He had a combined (rushing and receiving) 366 yards with 64 touches. That’s an average of 5.7 yards every time Langford touched the ball. To put these numbers into perspective, Adrian Peterson last year had a combined average of 4.8 yards every time he touched the ball. Not to mention Langford had 4 touchdowns and played against the best defense in the NFL (Denver broncos), during that 3 game span.

Now I know I’m only looking at three games but those were the only games Langford started and played the whole game. If that was any preview of what he can do as a starter for the bears, he has a bright future for the 2016 season.

To continue my rant, let’s look at the Bears season. They ran the ball the 6th most in the NFL with 468 attempts. That makes this offense an ideal spot for a consistent fantasy running back. Like I mentioned earlier he spent his entire rookie season behind Matt Forte, which speaks for his football knowledge in such a young player. This is why Jeremy Langford will be a top 5 back this year. -Tim Schwan


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