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Wouldn’t it be great if we could create the perfect athlete by combining the greatest attributes of individual players? Taking the legs of one player, the hands of another, and the mind of a third to create a super player.

Well for the sake of argument, let’s say that we have this ability and let’s create the perfect NFL fantasy running back.

Brain / Awareness – Matt Forte

Matt Forte has been a consummate pro for his entire 8-year career. With a yearly average of 1,075 rushing yards, 514 yards receiving, and 8 touchdowns throughout his tenure with Chicago, Forte has proven that he has a knack for moving the ball down the field. He is an intelligent runner that uses patience to find the open hole and has the ability to square up with any defender to gain a few extra yards.

Eyes / Vision – DeVonta Freeman

Freeman started off last season on fire with 709 yards (4.7 per carry) in his first eight games and added nine touchdowns in his first six games. This propelled the Falcons to a surprising 6-2 start. At a poultry 5’9”, Freeman does a great job at finding the hole to bust open a run. An RB with good vision has the ability to make split-second decisions when a hole is clogged and a new route must be taken. Freeman has proven this ability, which is why he was so successful last season.

Hands / Catching Ability – Le’Veon Bell

Bell’s season was cut short in 2015, but his 2014 stats exemplified that Bell is a lethal receiving option out of the backfield. He finished the year with 83 receptions for 854 yards, gaudy numbers for some starting receivers. Some starting RBs are subbed out in obvious passing situations in order to add a threat out of the backfield. This is not the case for Le’Veon as he is a true three-down back with tremendous hands.


Hips / Elusiveness – LeSean McCoy

“Shady” had somewhat of an injury-riddled 2015 campaign but he is still the most elusive running back in the game. He has an amazing ability to make defenders miss and shake off would-be tacklers. Not since Barry Sanders has a running back had the ability to make defenders look so silly.

Quads / Power – Adrian Peterson

No one can deny AP’s work ethic and heart for the game. That heart is put on display week in and week out when he is pounding defenders. He has the amazing ability to use his legs and drive the pile forward. This power has translated to consistency and durability as he has a career rushing yards per game average of 97.3, fourth all-time among players with at least 1,000 carries. Whether you’re on the 20, the 50, or on the goal line, there are not any other running backs that I would rather give the ball to.

Calves / Speed – Jamaal Charles

Jamaal Charles is fast. I mean blazing fast. He runs a 4.36 40-yard dash and ran a 10.18 100-meter dash, which would have earned him a silver medal behind Carl Lewis in the 1984 Olympic Games. I don’t think anyone would argue with that breakaway speed in the NFL. That speed has enabled Charles to put together five 1,000-yard seasons.

Feet / Quickness – Todd Gurley

Gurley burst onto the scene last year in his rookie campaign when he finished the season with 1,106 yards and 10 touchdowns, all while missing the first three games of the season. His ability to accelerate to top speed is unparalleled as his quickness is one of his greatest assets. He continually displays short-area quickness and explosiveness with the ball in his hands, giving him a clear advantage over defenders when breaking the hole.

With this ultimate RB, there is no doubt that you would dominate your fantasy league.


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