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WR Sammie Coates of the Pittsburgh Steelers had a monster game against the New York Jets in Week 5

WR Sammie Coates of the Pittsburgh Steelers had a monster game against the New York Jets in Week 5

Most Italian restaurants will give you the option of a Soup or a Salad when you select an entree. Always a tough and important decision, but one that will have you choosing between a Hot delicacy or a Cold starter. In relation to fantasy, I play with the words in relation to what player is a Hot keep (Soup) or a player that will go Cold (Salad) and should be traded for a premium price.

When looking at unsung players you have to decide if that player is going to give you consistent value at a week to week basis, while others have shone brightly but will cool off so you should get high value for them while the market will surely go bear.

Sometimes you have to be daring, you have to take some risk if you want to be the one standing at the end of the year. As the high-octane football moments continue into the winter months, and the temperatures lower with each passing day, when given the option of a soup or salad, always go with the soup!

Sammie Coates – 31 Fantasy Points (PPR) – SALAD

Anyone that picked up Sammie Coates on the waiver wire looked like a genius after his monster performance on Sunday. Now be an even bigger genius and sell Coates at a premium price. Your opponents will see the 31 point production and will give you back a much more consistent player. Through the first 4 weeks, Coates posted 39 points total leaving me to believe that he more of a feast or famine type of player and will leave you holding your breath each week that you start him.

Martellus Bennett – 30 Fantasy Points (PPR) – SOUP

With Tom Brady back at the helm, I believe that Bennett easily becomes a top 10 tight end, maybe even top 5. Unless you have Gronk, Reed, Olsen, or Graham in your lineup then you should be hanging on to Bennett. In 2011 Brady distributed the rock to Gronk for a stat line of 90/1,327/17 and to the convicted Hernandez for a stat line of 79/910/7 proving that there is plenty to go around for two talented tight ends, and who knows if Gronk will be healthy all year. Bennett went for 3 touchdowns and will be a consistent play from here on out.

Tevin Coleman – 26 Fantasy Points (PPR) – SALAD

Coleman was the top receiver for the Falcons against the Broncos on Sunday. He grabbed 4 receptions for 132 yards and a touchdown. However, Freeman out-touched Coleman in the backfield and outgained him on the ground 88 yards to 31. In week 4, the Falcons offense torched the Carolina Panthers and yet Coleman was only able to muster 5 fantasy points. You should be able to sell high after his week 5 performance and get a more consistent flex option.

T.Y. Hilton – 33 Fantasy Points (PPR) – SOUP

Mr. Hilton has become Mr. Reliable in Indy. In week 5 he posted a stat line of 10 receptions for 171 yards and 1 touchdown. He has had 1 touchdown reception in each of the last 3 games, and has gone for double-digit fantasy points every week, minus week 2 against Denver (no receiver does well against Denver). When consistency is so integral, T.Y. is a steaming hot soup and a must keep.

Tyrell Williams – 22 Fantasy Points (PPR) – SALAD

Williams finally posted the stat line that we have been expecting from him since Keenan Allen went down. He finished the game with 5 receptions for 117 yards and 1 touchdown. Unfortunately for Williams owners, he goes up against a Denver defense that will be very determined after a tough loss to the Atlanta Falcons. I would sell Williams after is price tag is at a peak after his week 5 performance, but it will surely come down if you hang on to him for too long.

Theo Riddick – 25 Fantasy Points (PPR) – SALAD

Chronicles of Riddick had a great outing on Sunday posting 6 receptions for 33 yards and 2 touchdowns while adding 11 rushes for 49 yards. Unfortunately, most owners probably had Theo sitting on their bench due to his poor previous 3 games (9 points, 10 points, and 9 points). Riddick is a true feast or famine player that you do not want to have to rely on. Trade him now while there is a bull market for receiving running backs.


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