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Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

I, for one, think that Tony Romo should be the starter in Dallas once he is healthy enough to play. Dak has played very well thus far and has handled the pressure like a 10-year veteren. However, I believe that Romo is still the better quarterback at this point when healthy. Dak has managed the games exptremely well, but Romo can bring the offense to another level.

The Cowboys find themseleves in a very favorable situation. Two quarterbacks that can play at a high level and win you football games. I have a hard time feeling sorry for them for the tough decision that they will have to make. The trade deadline has come and gone and Romo still wears number 9 in Dallas.

With the sentiment rising that the Prescott should remain the QB in the Big D, let’s take a look at some of the teams that should have made a run for the services of Romo.

Los Angeles Rams

Clearly from what the Rams coaching staff keeps telling us, first overall pick Jared Goff is not ready to play, and the quarterback play from Case Keenum has been shaky at best. The overall roster on the team is very competitive with a very above average defense. Tony Romo would have been able to come in and take some pressure off of Todd Gurley and add some diversity to the offense. In an NFC West division that has been up and down all season, Romo would have made the Rams serious contenders. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, they pretty much forfeited all of their bargaining chips in order to get Jared Goff, the guy that is watching from the sidelines.

Cleveland Browns

Why not add another name to the long list of quarterbacks in Cleveland. Whether or not the front office thinks that Cody Kessler is the future, or a potential first round pick next season, Romo would have been able to add some consistency and play making ability to the offense. He also would be a great role model for Kessler or a young QB to take the reigns once he retires. Would there be a better story in sports than Romo going to Cleveland, turning the team into a winning franchise, and riding off into the sunset with an unparalleled Super Bowl for Believeland?

Denver Broncos

Aside from Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz, Trevor Siemian has probably been the biggest the surprise in the NFL. His stats are not anything to gawk over, 1,487 yards, 8 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, but he has continued to improve and has the Broncos sitting atop the AFC West division at 6-2. This being said, how much better could the offense be with Tony Romo at the helm. He would open up the running game by taking more pressure off of the Denver backfield. He could also fair as a great tutor for Paxton Lynch before he takes over as the future of the franchise.

Kansas City Chiefs

This is nothing against Alex Smith, but I don’t think any Chief’s fans would boldly state that Alex Smith takes over games and wins. Smith is a terrific game-manager, but he is not a game-changer. Tony Romo has proven that at times he can be a game-changer. The Chiefs are built to win right now. They have one of the leagues top run games, and a nasty defense. Romo could be the piece to get them over the hump in the playoffs.

New York Jets

I think it’s safe to say that one major reason the Jets are 3-5 is due to inconsistent quarterback play. The offense itself has struggled to really find its’ identity, which should not be the case considering the Pro Bowl talent. Ryan Fitzpatrick will most likely be looking for employment elsewhere at the end of the season. Geno Smith probably took his last snap as a New York Jet. We have no idea what kind of production Todd Bowles can get out of Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg. There is still a lot of season left and Romo makes a ton of sense to come in and turn the season around. He could have been the kind of hero that Gautham has been waiting for…


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