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LSU S Jamal Adams

NFL teams will continue to go back and forth between players that they want to take in the NFL Draft and so we can do the same. Below is our updated Mock Draft 2.0.

Let’s be honest and just say it how it is. This is a weak quarterback class. All the “experts” and mainstream media are trying to hype up these quarterbacks, saying they are worthy of a high draft pick.

There are a lot of teams that need a quarterback, but just because they need one, does not mean that they should reach for one that may not even play in 2017 and will be a developmental project. For that reason, I have quarterbacks falling to teams that will be willing to let them progress slowly.

Game changers are guys that on any given play can change the course of a game. Whether that be a big time sack, special teams play, or a miraculous touchdown, the goal of the draft is to find the player that will be this “game changer” for their team.

Christian McCaffrey is this year’s game changer. A lot of scouts are questioning if his big play ability and size can translate to the pro level, and for that reason, have his draft stock at a mid to late first round grade.

At 5’11” and 203 pounds, he is not by any means a “small” back. LeSean McCoy is 5’11”, 207, and Devonta Freeman is 5’9″, 209, so let’s go ahead and dispell the notion that he does not have NFL size at the running back position.

Now there is the argument that he cannot be a workhorse, an every down back. I understand that the beating you take in the NFL is more strenuous than the PAC-12, but let’s just compare some of the numbers, and I’ll stick to the guys that are his size.

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No one would deny that McCoy and Freeman have had very successful NFL careers thus far, and McCaffrey was better at each rushing category in college. More carries, higher average. And we haven’t even mentioned his catching ability out of the backfield, or his special teams intangibles. He could be a top 5 receiver in this draft!

After this long monologue, it boils down to this: teams will still pass on him and he will fall to someone that is going to be extremely happy to gain his services. Where I have him slated to go will leave him with plenty of bro hugs in the City of Brotherly Love. 

The rise and fall of players will continue as we inch closer to draft day, and we will continue to update you each week. 

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