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Call it a publicity stunt. Call it a band-aid. Call it whatever you want but the fans in Oakland may just have something to smile about for the next few years before their team bolts for dryer pastures.

It’s been reported, that in principal, Marshawn Lynch and the Oakland Raiders have agreed to terms, according to Michael Silver and Mike Garafolo of NFL Network.

The only catch is that since he retired under contract as a Seahawk, Seattle still owns the rights to him, and therefore, a trade is required for Lynch to suit up in the Silver and Black.

At this point, that should be merely a formality, and a deal between the two clubs should get done rather quickly. But it begs the question: What will Seattle require for a player that did not play for them last year and seemingly will not play for them this season or in the future? Getting anything is quite the bonus, and while fans will be disappointed seeing Lynch in a different uniform, they will be grateful to get any return.

As the story finally broke today, after weeks of speculation and quandary, I had an epiphany. This is strictly hypothetical and has zero factual basis according to any of my sources, but what if the Raiders coupled a deal for Lynch and Richard Sherman?

Currently, the Raiders have the cap space as they sit 6th in the NFL with $33,138,289 in cap space according to Spotrac.com. Richard Sherman is set to make a little over $26 million over the next two seasons.

No doubt Richard Sherman would be a great addition to the Raiders secondary that struggled at times last season, and there is the nostalgic fact that he played at Standford (and Lynch played at Cal); Why not bring some hometown kids back to bring some joy to the bay area for the last couple of awkward years? Do the farewell tour right if you will.

The problem is the asking price Seattle has put on Sherman. They want a low first round pick, which the Raiders don’t have, as well as a mid-round pick. However, if the Raiders threw in another late round pick, subsequently for Lynch, I think that Seattle would definitely entertain the idea.

Let’s say the Raiders offer the Seahawks their first (24), fourth (129), and sixth (208) for Lynch and Sherman. This is a deal that I think could truly get done if the Raiders are willing to part with three picks. Oakland would get a Pro Bowl cornerback that they desperately need, and a Pro Bowl running back in “Beastmode” that would create depth at running back with DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard.

And they would keep their second round pick where they could address the need at the inside linebacker position. Draft picks are important, but the Raiders have been rebuilding for 20 years and this team is ready to win now, barring Derek Carr comes back healthy.

The Seahawks, gain another first round pick where they could couple the picks with a lineman at 24, and a corner to replace Sherman at 26. They also gain two more “depth” picks and free up a lot of cap space. Trade rumors are merely rumors, but they usually have some reason and cause behind them, and if Sherman is truly disgruntled, it would be best to move on and get some value in return.

This whole scenario is strictly speculative, as right now the sole focus is just getting Lynch to Oakland, but the idea could gain some traction, and on paper, makes a lot of sense for both teams.


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